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You have questions, we get the answers.  From the convenience of your computer or smartphone, you now have access to the most Current and Accurate information available anywhere.  Each and every search request is conducted by an experienced, licensed Private Investigator using proven research techniques, and by accessing restricted databases not available to the “other guys.”  Reverse Phone Searches, Criminal Background Checks, People Locates, Reverse email Searches, Social Media Searches, Identity Theft Searches, Property Records, Employment History, and many more.  Experienced, Reliable, and most important,  — Accurate.  Start your search now and find out the truth.

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The quest for answers and information can be challenging and even embarrassing for some.  Re-connecting with an estranged family member, finding an old friend, tracking down your former business partner who just wiped out your company bank account, checking out someone you met on a dating website, or simply finding out who is texting your loved one at 3:00 AM.  You have questions, — we have the answers.  After sixty years in the investigative business, we have created a sophisticated, and 100% Confidential, online portal for people just like you. (We will also be launching our new investigative Mobile App in the next few months.)  At the touch of a button you can now place an order for one of our many Online Searches from the comfort of your home.  Each Online Search is performed by an actual investigator, not a mindless computer bot.

Unlike the other online data peddlers, if you require more specialized assistance, we are always here to help you.  Because we are a fully licensed, international Private Investigative Agency, we can provide hi-end, and very specialized Private Investigative services to you and your loved ones, anywhere in the world.  Homicide Investigation, International Kidnapping, Missing Persons, Banking & Asset Research, Judgement Recovery, Security Consulting, and yes, even Cheating Spouses.  We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

If there is something that you are in need of that is not listed here on our Website, simply Contact Us via email, or call us at (915) 532-5739.  We look forward to assisting you, and in getting you the answers, and closure, that you seek.

Our Clients

Whether you are a private individual, a member of our legal community, a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we have the knowledge, experience and ability to assist you with all of your investigative needs.  Call us today.

Locate family members, find old friends, check out someone you met online, trace harassing phone calls, prevent identity theft, catch cheating lovers, and bust cheating spouses.  You have questions, we have the answers.
Locate witnesses, banking and asset work, judgement collection, national and international process service, international background checks, litigation support.
Track down customers, locate debtors, identify property owners, corporate intelligence, theft, fraud and embezzlement investigations.

What Our Customers Say

by News For Public

We found a perfect American private investigator. Who supports us in all the ways to do proper investigations. Really Thanks form News For Public.

by Web Solution Winner

Guest Blogging Solution Web Solution Winner USA - Thanks for your services. We are really happy to attach it to you and getting your services. I can strongly be recommended to all the people use services and get solutions for all the problems. Thank you again by Web Solution Winner

by Eric William

I got great service from you. Extremely helpful. Thanks guys!

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