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The Investigators is and international Private Investigative firm providing a wide range of investigative and intelligence gathering services. Based in El Paso, Texas U.S.A., we offer a full staff of professional, highly trained and certified investigators. For over 50 years we have served clients around the world, conducting every type of investigation imaginable. Prompt worldwide service, 24-hours a day, anywhere in the world.

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62 Year

Founded in 1956 by Chief Investigator Jay J. Armes, The Investigators has earned a long and storied reputation as the investigative firm that takes on the impossible cases. Over the course of sixty-one years, we have worked on quite literally every type of case imaginable. International kidnapping cases, theft, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, homicide, missing persons, corporate espionage, insurance fraud, and cheating spouses. In 1986, Jay J. Armes III started with the firm and ultimately expanded operations to include government contracting, corporate security management, security consulting, GPS monitoring services, and custom-tailored security programs for high net worth clients and their families. Our client list includes entertainers, political figures, government agencies, corporations, small businesses, law firms, and private individuals, all of which are seeking a solution to their respective problems. As the world and the threats therein continue to evolve, so do we as a company. Hands-on investigative services, Online investigative searches, Security Consulting, Forensics, Training and continuing education. The Investigators is your go-to resource for all of your investigative needs.

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We treat every case, every search request, and every client’s concerns with the same enthusiasm, diligence and professionalism. We provide our clients with personalized service that an automated computer bot just can’t. Order your search today!

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