NO. We do not force our customers to purchase a membership, monthly subscription, or purchase more services to “unlock” more information. The price listed, is the price you pay, for that specific information. Period.

NO. The price listed on our Website is our price. NO hidden charges, NO monthly fee, and NO surprise charges on your credit card.

NO.  As a matter of policy, we will never knowingly or intentionally provide the phone number, home address, or any other information on a Celebrity, Politician, or member of Law Enforcement.  Period.  If we determine that the person who you are trying to obtain information on falls into one of these categories, your search will be cancelled and no refund shall be issued.

NO.  Any search that you order, and any work that we perform on your behalf, is ALWAYS 100% CONFIDENTIAL.  Period.

When you run a search through our Online Search Portal, the request is immediately assigned to an actual, licensed Private Investigator.  The information that you get back from us is current and accurate as of the day that we send it to you.  Information obtained from other online companies is automatically “instantly” pulled from a variety of public, open source databases, many of which contain consumer data that is actually several years old.

The various specialized services that we offer, (but to not have an order button,) are more complex than those with an order button.  Some of those specialized services involve research in foreign countries, banking research in foreign countries, forensics on specific types of phones and operating systems, or an actual investigation.  Because of this fact, these types of searches and services are quoted based upon your specific needs, and the information that you have to work with.

Yes and No.  We are a corporation, but we are privately owned by two generations of highly experienced investigators.

Yes.  We are a full service, international Private Investigative agency.  Over the years we have conducted tens of thousands of investigations to include International Kidnapping, Hostage Recovery, Missing Persons, Homicide, Theft, Fraud, Embezzlement, Extortion and Cheating Spouses.  For additional information about our Private Investigative agency, our services, and our principals, please refer to our sister Website www.jjarmes.com.

By the very nature of what we are dealing with, nobody can guarantee the accuracy of data.  If false, or incorrect data was provided to an entity by the individual being checked, false and erroneous data is all that will be available to us, and even Law Enforcement.  We do however guarantee that the information that we return to you, is the most accurate, and most current data available.

Yes, we do.  If there is something that you need outside the United States, please feel free to call us at (915) 532-5739 and we will be glad to assist you.

Yes.  Please keep in mind that just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean that we do not offer that service.  If there is something that you need to find out about someone, or something, just ask us!  A licensed investigator, and the solution to your problem, is always just a phone call away.  Call us today at (915) 532-5739.

Yes.  Our sister company, Brandon Enterprises (www.SpyMall.com) is a specialized equipment distributor selling the very latest in Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Covert Video, Security and  Law Enforcement gear.  Whatever your equipment needs are, they have a solution for you.  You may contact them at (915) 533-5746.